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Data for Duty Drawback Proposals

Circular No.ES/46/2017-18                                                                       May 8, 2017

To: Members of the Council                

Sub: Data for Duty Drawback Proposals

Dear Member,
As you are aware, GST is likely to be implemented w.e.f July 1, 2017. The Government has started seeking inputs from the EPCs with regard to the Drawback Scheme under the GST regime. The Council is in the process of preparing detailed proposals for Duty Drawback rates for Man Made Fibre (MMF) textile products.

Further, the ROSL (Rebate of State Levies) rates for Made ups will also be reviewed by the Government. Since State Vats will be subsumed under GST, the Department of Revenue has indicated that the ROSL rates may be slashed to 0.4%.

In this context, it is important to identify State taxes / levies which has not been subsumed under the GST. Further, there may be Central and State levies on various inputs which are not available as ITC (Input Tax Credit) under GST. All these duties & taxes are to be considered while formulating the Drawback proposals.

To enable the Council to prepare the Drawback proposals (product wise), we request you to please send us the data as per the formats which  are enclosed herewith (Click here Annexure - I and Annexure – II)  by email positively on or before May 15, 2017 on the Email ID es@srtepc.in.

We solicit your support and co-operation in the matter and look forward to receive the required information at the earliest.

Thanking you,



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