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A Report on visit of an SRTEPC Officer to Cairo - in the context of promotion of Indian participation in Cairo Fashion & Tex from 13th to 16th September 2017

To All the Members,

As you are aware, SRTEPC is organizing participation of Indian companies in Cairo Fashion & Tex from 13th to 16th September 2017. The participation, which is a National Export Promotion Program, has been approved by the Ministries of Commerce, and Textiles under the MAI Scheme. Select small companies will also be given reimbursement of a part cost towards Air travels. The exclusive participation of Indian companies, which will be accommodated at a centrally located area by making an “India Pavilion” to get focused attention of visiting customers, will be endorsed by the local leading Trade Bodies in Egypt to get wider publicity among the buyers of textiles in Egypt for visiting India Pavilion for discussing business with their Indian counterparts during the mega show of textile in Egypt.

Highly subsidized participation fee due to MAI funding of the Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India for a 9 sqm furnished booth is Rs.1,10,000/-, and the cost of a 6 sqm booth is Rs.77,500/-.

As for the market, as you know Egypt is traditionally an excellent market for importing textiles from India. While Egypt’s global import of textiles & clothing is USD 2.88 Billion, Egypt’s global import of textiles (excluding clothing) is USD 2.29 Billion. Global import of MMF Textiles alone by Egypt is USD 1645 Million, whilst India’s export of MMF Textiles to Egypt during 2015-16 is to the tune of USD 146.75 Million.

In view of the above, in order to organize participation of Indian companies in Cairo Fashion & Tex, which is the most renowned Int’l Fair in Egypt, as you are aware, the Council has recently invited a Senior Representative from M/s. Pyramids International Group in Egypt to give a first-hand presentation to the members of the Council on 18th July in Mumbai, 19th July in Surat and 20th July in Delhi.

Furthermore, in order to enable member participants to get first-hand inputs about the current status of Egyptian market of textiles and the specific preferences of Egyptian customers, in terms of specific products, designs and colors, the Council has recently sent an Officer to visit Cairo to meet the heads of the Industry, select buyers and those connected for enhancing the stature of the participation of Indian companies. Accordingly, a Report (download), which has been compiled with all the necessary inputs, along with Album containing product samples for personal reference for each of the member-companies of the Council on complimentary basis.

You are, therefore, requested to study the inputs and if interested, confirm your participation very soon but not later than 10th August 2017, as the mobilization of participation will have to be closed by that last date.

We look forward to receiving your reply very soon.


Srijib Roy

Additional Director

Encl: Report (download) & “Application Form

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