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Strategic Plans for boosting exports

Circular No.ES/186/2017-18                                                          October 17, 2017  

                                                                                                 URGENT AND IMPORTANT      

To: Members of the Council

Sub: Strategic Plans for boosting exports

Dear Member,

The Council has received a message from the Hon’ble Minister for Industry & Commerce, Shri Suresh Prabhu requesting suggestions from our member-exporters for boosting MMF Textiles exports.

You may be aware that exports of man-made fibre (MMF) textiles had witnessed a negative trend during the past few months.

In order to revive the MMF Textile Sector and to boost exports, the Government has identified a list of product/s Groups under the following which needs specific interventions to boost exports:

  • RMG Manmade Fibres
  • Manmade Yarn, Fabrics, Madeups
  • Other Textile Yarn

In this connection, we request you to highlight the export strategy for product/s identified in the short term in the format enclosed.

The strategic plan will cover aspects regarding future targets, focus markets, biggest importers, issues/ challenges and hence targeted interventions.

We request you to kindly send us these strategic plans in the given format latest by tomorrow i.e 18th October, 2017 at to enable us to forward inputs to the Ministry. 

Thanking you,


Encl : As enclosed


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