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SRTEPC organizing participation of Indian companies in “Premiere Vision Istanbul”, Turkey from 21st to 23rd March 2018

Date : 9th November, 2017


Re : SRTEPC organizing participation of Indian companies in “Premiere Vision Istanbul”, Turkey from 21st to 23rd March 2018

Dear Sir/s,

We are glad to inform you that SRTEPC, as part of its approved programs for 2017-18 by the Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India, is organizing participation of Indian companies in the forthcoming 8th edition of Premiere Vision Istanbul.

As you may be aware, Premiere Vision is one of the famous Brand of Fairs in the world, which is used to organize International Fairs in select prominent places across the world including Paris, New York, Sao Paulo, Istanbul.  Elegant and very professional structure of this Brand of Fair has become an enviable model of renowned International Fairs, which many companies strongly aspire to participate for showcasing their premium range of textile items to grab attention of discerning Buyers, who throng to Premiere Vision Fair from different parts of the world including Turkey in search of their preferred future suppliers. However, as you are also perhaps aware, only companies, which have exclusive range of products including different varieties of woven fabrics for synthetic, silk, hemp, jute, embroidered fabrics for haute couture, shirting fabrics, denim fabrics, manufacturers of jeans and shirts, embroideries for accessories, fibres and yarn, can use this excellent platform for their participation. 

As regards participation in the Brand of Premiere Vision, prospective participants need to immediately approach to the Organizers of the Fair in a prescribed “Application Form” along with their financial documents (Balance Sheet and P&L account – amount to be indicated in Euro) and together with an exclusive selection of 40 sample-products from their most recent Spring Summer and Autumn Winter collections to get their company’s eligibility examined by the concerned Selection Committee for participation in the Fair.    In this context, since the selection committee of the Fair will start its process from 13th November 2017, and also as the “Application Form” is currently being finalized by the Organizers, as time available is extremely short, if your company would like to grab the opportunity for participation in Premiere Vision, you are requested to immediately contact the Organizers of Premier Vision Istanbul (at Ms.Gülperi Erkanli Show Manager / Fuar koordinatörü, Première Vision Istanbul, Tel +90 532 283 9998 ; e-mail : ; for your appropriate actions. 

In this connection, as soon as your company’s profile and other financial details including products are approved by the Organizers, you may immediately approach to us for finalizing your participation with necessary subsidized payment. 

The details for participation in Premiere Vision Istanbul are as follows:

  1. Specific Dates: 21st to 23rd March 2018
  2. Timings: Daily from 10 am to 6 pm for visitors
  3. Place/Venue: CNR EXPO, Hall No. 1, Istanbul, Turkey
  4. Entry to the Venue by Exhibitors: 8.30 am on day 1, and at 9 am on day 2 and 3.
  5. Standard size of booth: 12 sqm, though different sizes of bigger booths are also available.
  6. Booth Package: While the composition of furnitures, Product display equipments etc. will vary on the specific size of booths, all booths will have Tables, Chairs, Waste Baskets, Hangers, Signage, Power supply and spot lights.
  7. Participation Charges: @ Euros 299 per sqm + 18% VAT.
  8. Discounts/special price: Please note, Organizers of the Fair offer no discount, and hence participation charge is fixed for all exhibitors (however, participation charge will be subsidized by the Council, as it is an approved programme of the Department of Commerce, Govt. of India)
  9. Average number of Exhibitors: Around 150.
  10. Average number of Visitors to the Fair: Around 7500 renowned Buyers, representatives of leading buying houses/retail chain stores, Fashion Designers, prominent opinion makers / Industry-heads do visit the Fair to meet their future sourcing requirements of textiles/clothing.

Since the Council’s program for participation in Premiere Vision Istanbul 2018 in Turkey is an approved program of the Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India under the MAI Scheme, participation charge in Premier Vision Istanbul will highly be subsidized.  Furthermore, eligible participants will also be given a reimbursement of a part-cost of their air fares (one person only).

In view of the above, all those interested in participation in Premier Vision Istanbul during March 2018, are requested to immediately approach to the Organizers of the Fair first to get their company selected by them for allowing participation in this world famous brand of “Premier Vision” in Turkey with a copy forwarded to us for appropriate follow-ups, if needed.

We shall greatly appreciate if you could kindly confirm receipt of this message.


S. Balaraju
Executive Director,
SRTEPC, Mumbai

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