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Invitation to Participate in “PREMIERE VISION ISTANBUL”, Turkey from 21st to 23rd March, 2018

20th November, 2017


Re :  Invitation to Participate in “PREMIERE VISION ISTANBUL”, Turkey from 21st to 23rd March, 2018

We are glad to inform you that the Council is proposing to organize participation of Indian companies in the 8th edition of PREMIERE VISION ISTANBUL from 21st to 23rd March, 2018, as part of its Export Promotion Program for 2017-18.

As you are also aware, PREMIERE VISION is one of the finest brands of International Fairs, which are held in prominent location in the world including France, USA, Brazil and Turkey. It basically caters to the requirements of European, African and Middle East Textile Buyers/Traders, and provides an excellent opportunity to various companies with commitment and exclusive range of products to showcase their varied textile products to their target customers for doing business. The show covers products such as Yarn & Fibre, Fabric, Made-ups, Fashion Accessories, Denim and Design for their exhibiting to visiting customers.

Profile of the Event: PREMIERE VISION ISTANBUL is a premier category of International Fair for professionals from all fields of the Textile/Clothing industry. Over the past few years, fabrics imports from all over the world into Turkey have increased significantly. This is valid for raw materials and finished goods alike, and it happened parallel to the growth of the domestic market. Today's size of the Turkish market gives path to the fact that "the bigger the market, the more diverse the import basket". This also created a high demand for fabrics from new sourcing points like Asia, North Africa, South America and Eastern Europe. A rollout into the Turkish market is logical, as Turkey has one of the strongest global Textile Industries.

Turkey has a traditionally strong and highly developed production base for almost all sectors of textiles/clothing, and it supplies many needs from domestic sources, but diversified production-needs of the domestic market make import of a variety of goods necessary.

Why to participate in PREMIERE VISION ISTANBUL?

  • Istanbul is the most important Business Hub of the Region.
  • Turkey enjoys Visa-free travel regulations with many countries.
  • The city and the country are strategic locations for textile and clothing manufacturing.
  • Istanbul and many other cities in Turkey became centers of excellence for textile design.
  • Turkey is the number one supplier of yarn to Europe and among the top 3 in the world.
  • Turkey accounts for around 16% of the EU’s total Textile imports, and 11% of Clothing imports.
  • Turkish market shows year by year growing demand for imports of raw materials and fabrics.
  • The Fair has the potential to become the unique purchasing point in the region.
  • A new Free Trade Agreement with Pakistan is under negotiation.

Textile Market of Turkey: Currently, Turkey is a US$ 10 billion market for textile and apparel. However, India’s share in Turkey’s global import of textile & apparel products is only 7%, i.e., US$ 0.78 billion.

Total imports of textile & apparel : US$ 10 billion (2016)

Leading suppliers : China, USA, Italy, etc.

Share of India : 7% (US$ 0.78 billion)

India’s share of Cotton, cotton yarn/fabrics : 4%

India’s share of Silk : 3%

India’s share of Jute : 2%

India’s woolen goods : 0.57%

India’s share of Articles of apparel, accessories, knit or crochet : 3%

India’s share of Articles of apparel, accessories, not knit or crochet : 3% 

Visitors Profile: Garment manufacturers, textile Retailers and wholesalers, large-scale retailing, & Chain/Department stores, Designers, private Label Producers, Buying Officers & Sales Representatives.

Visitors Promotion (Publicity): The Event will be extensively publicized by the Organizers of PREMIERE VISION ISTANBUL through Visitors Promotion Campaign – by direct mail, Trade Magazines, Daily Press, Tele-marketing, VIP Schedule, Trade Associations and Public Relations for inviting top-notch buyers of textiles to visit and discuss business with participating member-companies in this highly reputed International Fair.

Additional Publicity by SRTEPC for promoting trade of member-participants: As an additional support for SRTEPC member-participants in the Fair, the Council proposes to publicize their product and company profiles by designing & printing a separate “Exhibitors Catalogue”. Furthermore, the Council also proposes to promote participation of its member-companies to their target Buyers through e-mail marketing, and by sending separate invitations for visiting them during the Fair.

Besides the above, The Council will recommend for VISA to representatives (not more than three) for attending the Exhibition, and also assist in booking hotel accommodation. The Council will also compile a special “Dossier on Turkey” to enable prospective member-companies to understand the market & its prospective buyers better.

Standard size of booth: 12 sqm, though different sizes of bigger booths are also available.

Booth Package: While the composition of furnitures, Product display equipments etc. will vary on the specific size of booths, all booths will have Tables, Chairs, Waste Baskets, Hangers, Signage, Power supply and spot lights.

Participation Fee: An amount of Euro 4234 (12 sqm @ Euros 299 per sqm + 18% VAT)/ around Rs.3.23 lakh has been fixed for each participating company for a standard furnished booth of 12 sqm. It may be noted that this amount of participation fee does not include expenses relating to hotel accommodation, air-ticket of the representatives etc.

Special subsidized charge: Though Organizers of the Fair offer no discount/special price, as the SRTEPC Program in PREMIERE VISION ISTANBUL is approved by the Ministry of Commerce under the MAI Scheme, an estimated amount of MAI Subsidy of Rs. 1.40 lakhs, will be reimbursed by the Council to each of the participants. This will mean that the effective amount of participation charge for a booth of 12 sqm size will be Rs.1.83 lakhs (instead of Rs.3.23 lakhs).

Reimbursement on Air-fares: Eligible companies on the basis of erstwhile MDA Schemes will also be offered reimbursement of an estimated amount of Rs.40,000 towards part costs of their airfares (One person only).

Cancellation Policy: Withdrawal of participation from the above Exhibition will be decided by the Cancellation Policy of the Organizers of the Fair.

How to apply: Members of the Council, who already participated in any of the PREMIERE VISION brand of Fairs in any country, or have been earlier listed by the Organizers for participation in this premier category of International Fair, can directly confirm their participation with the Council.

However those who do not fall in the above category, as requested by a separate Circular of the Council, need to immediately approach to the Organizers on the lines suggested by the Council. In this regard, we have just recently given you the following link to directly contact the Organizers of the Fair (at Ms.Gülperi Erkanli Show Manager / Fuar koordinatörü, Première Vision Istanbul, Tel +90 532 283 9998 ; e-mail : g.erkanli@premierevision.com ; http://www.premierevision-istanbul.com) for being part of the process for getting your company listed for subsequent participation in the Fair:


In this regard, all those companies which are approaching to the Organizers to get first their company listed for participation in the Fair may also like to keep the Council informed for necessary follow-ups to help Organizers expedite the process. However, in the event of any difficulty, you may also contact the Council for necessary help/assistance in the matter.

In view of the above, we look forward to hearing from you very soon.