Forwarding of Samples for testing to the Outside Laboratories

Circular No.ES/ 251/ 2018-19                                              18th October, 2018

To: Members of the Council            

Sub.: Forwarding of Samples for testing to the Outside Laboratories

Dear Member,

We wish to inform you that Air Cargo Complex (Sahar) has issued  Public Notice No. 44/ 2018 dated 15th October, 2018 clarifying CBIC’s Circular No. 28/2018- Customs dated 30th August, 2018  where it was categorically indicated that up- gradation of the Revenue Laboratories is an on-going process. Therefore, laboratories earlier not equipped with testing facility for a specific item have since acquired the testing facilities consequent to up-gradation.

Therefore, the Customs officials must first ensure with the jurisdictional laboratory that the testing facilities for any particular items listed in the said Circulars are not available with them before forwarding such samples to outside Laboratory(s) listed therein.

In case the jurisdictional laboratory does not have testing facility for a given sample, the concerned Assistant/ Deputy Commissioner of Customs with approval of Additional/ Joint Commissioner of Customs for sending such samples to one of the other revenue laboratories which have the facility to test the given sample, instead of availing services of an outside Government Laboratory.

It is also suggested that the Central Revenues Control Laboratory (CRCL) will continuously update the list of testing facilities available on its webpage or on the web link of each laboratory to avoid delays in testing merely on account of ascertaining as to which of the labs have the relevant testing facility.

Members may kindly make a note of the same.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,