Participation in "Morocco Fashion & Tex" in Casablanca being organized by SRTEPC under the MAI Scheme of MoC - March 28-31, 2019

28th January 2019


Members of the Council

Dear Sir,

As you are aware the Council is organizing participation of its member-companies in “Morocco Fashion & Tex” at Casablanca from March 28-31, 2019 with active guidance of the Embassy of India in Rabat and support of the Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India.

Highlights of the Exhibition are as given below:

Organiser of the Event    :           M/s. Pyramids International Group

Date of the Event            :           28th to 31st March 2019 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

No. of Booths                   :           20 companies

Booth Package :

Booth Package will be offered based on the following:

  1. For a 9 sqm booth: 1 discussion table, 3 chairs, 2 fabric-display stands (for fabric exhibitors); or 2 yarn shelves (for yarn exhibitors); or one fabric-display stand & one yarn shelf (for exhibitors of both Fabrics & Yarn); and Lights, Fascia-board & 1 waste paper basket.
  2. For a 6 sqm booth: 1 discussion table, 2 chairs, 1 fabric-display stand, or 1 yarn shelf (depending on fabric or yarn products), and lights, fascia-board, and 1 waste paper basket.

All the above furnitures & product display equipments will be provided based on the local availabilities, without any extra cost.

Participation Fee :

In view of the MAI subsidy given by the Ministry of Commerce, an amount of subsidized participation fee of Rs.1.5 lakhs (for a booth of 9 sqm) has been fixed against the actual cost of Rs.2.4 lakhs towards participation fee in the Fair.

In this regard, in order to enable very small member-companies to participate in the Fair, a  limited number of booths of 6 sqm size have been kept reserved with a subsidized participation fee of Rs.1,00,000/-

Reimbursement of Cost of Airfares :

Based on the modified MAI Guidelines of MOC&I, eligible participants will be able to claim reimbursement of cost of their Economy Class 2-way airfares, subject to the fulfillment of certain conditions. For more details, you may please contact the concerned person in the MAI Section of the Council.

Terms & Conditions :

  • MAI subsidized participation fee will be available to the eligible participants
  • MAI subsidized booth is available only for “One company-one booth” based principle. Any extra booth (applicable only for 9 sqm size) will have to be paid on actual cost basis.
  • Participation fee doesn’t include expenses like airfares, hotel accommodations, etc.  of  participating representatives
  • Participants will have to obtain their visa on their own, though the Council will facilitate their efforts by arranging SRTEPC Recommendatory Letters and “Note Verbals” from the concerned Indian Embassy.
  • It is also hoped that all participants will make efforts to promote their participation by sending invites to their prospective customers/buyers in the market.
  • All participants must abide by the basic guidelines of the Organizers for participation in  the Fair
  • Council proposes to select 20 companies for participation in the Fair
  • Last date for receiving Application with full payment is 8th February, 2019.
  • Any extra costs for additional requirements, other than those mentioned in the booth package, will have to be borne by participants on the basis of additional costs, which will be charged by the Organizers.
  • If any service of interpreters is needed, participants will have to avail the same on their own with extra cost.
  • Participation will be accepted on “First-come-First served “ basis.

Cancellation Policy :

Cancellation of participation will be decided on the following:

  • 80% Cancellation charge, if participation is withdrawn just 7 days from its closing date
  • No refund will be available, if participation is withdrawn on any date thereafter

Assistance to Participants :

SRTEPC will help its participants based on the following to make their participation in the Fair more convenient and effective:

  • To book hotel accommodation
  • To obtain visa
  • Providing a database of prospective buyers/customers
  • Giving a “Dossier on Morocco” – providing information about the Moroccan market of textiles & clothing,  useful hints needed by Business Travellers, among other inputs
  • A Fair Manual with details of the Event

How to Apply :

In view of the above, those interested in participating in “Morocco Fashion & Tex” should apply to the Council immediately by sending the "Application Form (download)" duly filled-in along with a Cheque/DD of Rs.1.5 lakhs (for 9 sqm) / Rs.1 lakh ( for 6 sqm) drawn in favour of “The Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council, Mumbai”. In order to save time, you are requested to arrange to send your participation fee through RTGS transfer, based on the details given in the enclosed Application Form. 

Incidentally, we may mention here that Smt. Aditi Das Rout, Trade Advisor, Ministry of Textiles is scheduled to visit Morocco Fashion & Tex during the Exhibition.  Her august presence will surely enhance the stature of the event and encourage our participants in the Fair.

We look forward to receiving your confirmation soon.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully,



Encl: Application Form (download)