Organizing participation in “TEXWORLD USA” by SRTEPC under the MAI Scheme during July 2019


27th March 2019


Dear Sir,

Re: Organizing participation in “TEXWORLD USA”  by SRTEPC under the MAI Scheme during July 2019

We are glad to inform you that the Council is organizing participation of Indian companies in “TEXWORLD” in USA from 22 to 24th July, 2019 with guidance of Indian Mission in USA.  The Event is an approved Export Promotion Program of the Ministry of Commerce & Industries, Govt. of India under the MAI Scheme for the year 2019-20.

Profile of ‘TEXWORLD USA’: TEXWORLD USA, a leading int’l fair for the textile industry in NAFTA, which is co-inciding with “Apparel Sourcing” and “Home Textile USA”, is the ideal platform for exporters of fabrics, ready-made garments, made-ups and home textiles from India to position themselves as the “GO-TO” destination for innovative, exquisite and varied range of synthetic & rayon textiles for the leading retail and fashion brands in the world’s most dynamic market for textiles.  Details of the Fair are as follows :

  1. Name of the Event      : TEXWORLD USA
  2. Dates                           : 22 to 24th July, 2019
  3. Venue                          : Javits Center, New York, USA
  4. Organizers                  : Messe Frankfurt, Inc., 3200 Windy Hill Road, Suite 500 West Atlanta, Georgia 30339, USA
  5. Product profiles          : Apparel fabrics including Shirting, Suiting & Ladies Dress Materials ; Functional Fabrics ; Knits & Woven, Cotton, Denim, Linen, Prints,  Silk, Wool, Embroidery & Lace, Jacquard, Faux Fur, Yarn, Home Textiles, Accessories, Finding & Trims, Novelties etc.

Why to participate in “TEXWORLD USA”:

  • USA is the leading importer of textiles & clothing, which is valued at around USD 114.08 billiion.
  • India’s share in USA’s total import is around 7.18% --- amounting to USD 8.19 billion.
  • USA has been among the top 3-marekts for Indian exporters for the past many years.
  • With the on-going US-China embargo, participation in TEXWORLD will provide an excellent opportunity to the Indian Textiles sector to make further inroads in this huge market for textiles.
  • Participation in “TEXWORLD USA”  will provide Indian exporters of textiles / clothing in general, and Man-Made Fibre (MMF) textile products in particular to establish a strong foothold in USA, and also get first-hand information and knowledge about the requirements, trends, and fashion forecast for the future.
  • TEXWORLD USA will also provide an opportunity for representatives of Indian companies to interact personally with the leading buyers from nearly 50 countries, explore possibilities of booking orders on-the-spot, establish long-term relationship and carry home the learning to be adopted in manufacturing and exports.
  • SRTEPC has not organized participation in an International textile fair in North America for many years, and hence, this is an opportune time.

Assistance to Participants: SRTEPC will help its participants based on the following to make their participation in the Fair more effective and re-warding:

  • To extend the facility of subsidized participation fees, and re-imbursement of cost of air-fares, subject to the fulfillment of certain conditions.
  • To book hotel accommodation
  • To obtain visa
  • To help make travel arrangements
  • Providing a reference database of prospective buyers/customers in USA.
  • To give a “Dossier on USA” ---- providing details about the market and some useful hints for business travelers.
  • A Manual of TEXWORLD USA with details of the Event.

Booth Package: As part of the participation charges, SRTEPC will arrange to provide a 9 sqm sized booth along with the following furnitures, product-display equipments and other accessories that will be needed for SRTEPC member-participants to showcase their products in their respective booths during the Fair to their target customers in USA for discussing business during the Fair:

1 table, 3 chairs, 3 LED Arc Lights, 3 sample racks or shelves, Facia Borad, Carpet.

All the above furnitures & product display equipments will be provided based on the local availabilities.  Any extra costs for additional requirements, other than those mentioned in the booth package, will have to be borne by participants on the basis of actual costs, which will be charged by the Organizers.

Availability of grant & re-imbursement of cost of travels under MAI Scheme:

  1. Availability of subsidized charges of participation fees & re-imbursement of cost-of air travels will be available only for 10 participants in TEXWORLD USA.
  2. Though the Council is to pay an amount of Rs.4.31 Lakhs towards costs of a furnished booth of 9 sqm size to the Organizers of the Fair, based on the MAI grant provided by the Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India, SRTEPC will be glad to offer a subsidized participation fee of Rs.3.15 lakhs.  A corner booth, if needed, will be charged @ Rs 35,500/- (USD 500) additionally by the Organizers of the Fair.
  3. Participants, who have a weak financial infrastructure having an export turnover ranging from 0 to maximum Rs.30 crores in the previous year, besides being a member of the Council for a minimum period of 1 year, subject to the fulfillment of few other conditions, will also be able to get a refund of costs of 2-way air-fares to visit the Fair.  This will mean, any new entrant on the field of export having no export at his credit will also be entitled to claim the benefit of obtaining refund of their travel-cost.

Early Bird Discount: Participants, who will be able to confirm their participation along with full payment towards charges for their participation in the Fair along with duly filled-in “Application Form” on or before 9th April, 2019 will be offered an Early Bird Discount of Rs.10,000/-.  We may mention here that no Early Bird Discount will be available after the expiry of 9th April, 2019, and accordingly, those late participants will have to provide full amount of the subsidized participation charge, as mentioned above.  In order to meet our deadline, participation will be closed on 20th April, 2019.

Procedure to be followed to participate in TEXWORLD USA: While all companies, which have already obtained acceptability of their products by the Organizers of TEXWORLD Fairs ---- Organized either in France or anywhere in the world including USA during the past years, will automatically be considered for participation in TEXWORLD USA, others, who have not yet participated in any TEXWORLD Fairs, will need to obtain an approval from the Organizers on the acceptability of their products for showcasing at TEXWORLD USA.  For this, a simple procedure, which is to be followed, is to obtain an approval from the Organizer on the acceptance of product -samples to be exhibited in the Fair.  For this, one needs to courier 5 Fabric samples (Size : 12x12 inches) directly to the Organizers of the Fair in USA.  Then, based on the product-samples, the Organizers will inspect the same with the assistance of its concerned team of officers at its MF USA Office.  In this regard, in order to enable concerned member-companies to send their necessary samples (courier cost to be borne on their own), SRTEPC will render all the necessary assistance to interested member-companies in co-ordination with the Organizers’ India-based Office in Mumbai.

Terms & Conditions:

  • MAI subsidized participation fee will be available to the eligible participants (for more details, you may either contact MAI dept., or refer the same in the SRTEPC website –
  • MAI subsidized booth is available only on “One company-one booth” based principle. This will mean, one member-company can get only one booth with subsidized participation fees.  But, participants will be absolutely free to book any number of booths of their choice at market cost of the same, which is payable to the Organizers.
  • Participation fee doesn’t include expenses like airfares, hotel accommodations, etc. of  visiting representatives.
  • No Early Bird Discount will be available on the expiry of the stipulate date, as mentioned above.
  • Participants will have to obtain their visa on their own, though the Council will facilitate their efforts by arranging SRTEPC Recommendatory Letters and “Note Verbal” from the concerned Indian Embassy.  We may mention here that all those, who are holding USA Visa, will not need any further arrangement to visit the Fair.
  • All participants must abide by the basic guidelines of the Organizers for participation in  the Fair
  • Council proposes to select around 10 companies only with MAI subsidized participation fee in the Fair.  However, in excess of 10, member-exporters can participate in the Fair at market cost.
  • Last date for receiving Application with full payment is 20th April, 2019
  • Participation will be accepted on “First-come-First served “ basis.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellation of participation will be decided on the following:

  • 80% Cancellation charge, if participation is withdrawn on or before 26nd April, 2019.
  • No refund will be available, if participation is withdrawn on any date thereafter.

How to Apply: In view of the above, those interested in participation in “TEXWOLD USA” should apply to the Council immediately by sending the duly filled in “Application Form (download)” with a Cheque/DD of Rs.3.15 Lakhs for a booth of 9 sqm drawn in favour of “The Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council, Mumbai”. In order to save time, you are requested to arrange to send your participation fee through RTGS transfer, based on the details given in the enclosed Application Form.

In view of the above, we look forward to receiving your confirmation of participation in the Fair.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully,



Encl: “Application Form (download)