4th November 2019

TP/Swachhta Pakwada/331


Dear Members

Diwali has gone by and the festive and holiday season is firmly behind us. It is time to renew our pursuit of the endeavors to increase the exports of Indian Man-made Fibre Textile Products to all corners of the world. The Council is organizing participation in International Events in Vietnam in November 2019, Mexico and Colombia in January 2020, Algeria, Turkey and Bangladesh in February 2020 and Indonesia in March 2020. It is a great opportunity to explore or expand business in these markets which have good potential for synthetic and rayon textile products.

While we build, develop and expand our infrastructure to meet the growing global demand, let us not forget the principles and values of cleanliness and a commitment to sustainable business practices imbibed by Mahatma Gandhi. In the 150th Birth Anniversary year of the Father of the Nation, let us resolve together to adopt greener, cleaner practices in the areas of sanitation and water management in our factories and office premises as well as our places of residence.

In an increasingly arid world, let us take the initiative to conserve water by using it sparingly and take the necessary steps for conserving this most precious and fast depleting natural resource!  I sincerely invite our members to share their best practices on sustainability and water management with us to enable us to publish the same in our monthly newsletter “INFO SRTEPC’. This will motivate all of us to put in place good systems and processes and to make the Indian Man-made Fibre Textile Sector a proud and environment friendly industry.

I look forward to your support in this noble objective.

Warm Regards

Ronak Rughani

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