• CCI AD FROM 5th April 2021

Issuance of Certificate of Origin (Non-Preferential) through Email.

REF. MR/CIR/2020/041                                                                      April 29, 2020

To. The Members of the Council

Sub: Issuance of Certificate of Origin (Non-Preferential) through Email.

Dear Member,

Because of the ongoing lockdown and social distancing, the MMF textile industry has been facing various challenges including difficulties being faced in Trade documentation viz., Certificate of Origin. 

As an initiative to facilitate smooth export trade, this Council has started issuing soft copy of the Certificate of Origin for Non-Preferential countries through email without any fee (only the email copy is free), as per the Government directives.

Therefore, Members of the Council are requested to contact the Council through email at ed@srtepc.in, baruah@srtepc.in for the Non-Preferential Certificate of Origin. 
Members are requested to take benefit of receiving Certificate of Origin through email.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

S. Balaraju
Executive Director