Cyclone Nisarga activity

Circular No. ES/179/2020-21                                                         3rd June, 2020         


To: Members of the Council


Sub:  Cyclone Nisarga activity 


Dear Member,


JNCH  has issued Public Notice No. 73/2020 dated 2nd June, 2020 on the above subject.


It may be informed that the Indian Meteorological Department has issued Cyclone Nisarga warning for the general area in which this Custom House is located which is likely to experience heavy weather and sustained high wind speeds. The cyclone Nisarga’s expected landfall is on 3rd June, 2020. 


Further, the JNPT has addressed the Customs with the information, inter alia, that Terminals have been directed to secure their cargo gears and related equipment and also that competent authority has decided to keep JNPCT operations closed for 24 hours. 


Moreover, it is the understanding that CFSs would also need to suitably secure their equipment as well as containers during cyclonic activity. These aspects are brought to notice of the EXIM Trade so that they may plan their clearance, including Customs clearance, work accordingly. 


Members may kindly make a note of the above.


Thanking you,


Yours faithfully,