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Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) launches another funding scheme to help the distressed MSME sector

Circular No. ES/225/2020-21                                                         27th June, 2020   


To : Members of the Council


Sub.: Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) launches another funding scheme to help the distressed MSME sector


Dear Member,


The Minister of MSME, Shri Nitin Gadkari launched the Credit Guarantee Scheme for Sub-ordinate Debt (CGSSD) which is also called “Distressed Assets Fund–Sub-ordinate Debt for MSMEs” on 24th June, 2020. In this regard, Press Release has been issued on 24th June, 2020 by the Ministry of micro, Small & Medium Enterprises.


Under this Scheme, the guarantee cover worth Rs. 20,000 crores will be provided to the promoters who can take debt from the banks to further invest in their stressed MSMEs as equity.


It was being felt that the biggest challenge for stressed MSMEs was in getting capital either in the form of debt or equity. Therefore, as part of Atmanirbhar Bharat package, on 13th May, 2020, Finance Minister had announced this scheme of sub-ordinate Debt to the promoters of operational but stressed MSMEs.  After completion of necessary formalities including approval of CCEA and consultation with the Finance Ministry, SIDBI and RBI among others, the scheme was formally launched.


The highlights of the scheme are:


  • Extends support to the promoter(s) of the operational MSMEs which are stressed and have become NPA as on 30th April, 2020;

  • Promoter(s) of the MSMEs will be given credit equal to 15% of their stake (equity plus debt) or Rs. 75 lakh whichever is lower;

  • Promoter(s) in turn will infuse this amount in the MSME unit as equity and thereby enhance the liquidity and maintain debt-equity ratio;

  • 90% guarantee coverage for this sub-debt will be given under the Scheme and 10% would come from the concerned promoters;

  • There will be a moratorium of 7 years on payment of principal whereas maximum tenor for repayment will be 10 years. 

Please note the following-


  • This scheme would provide much required support to around 2 lakh MSMEs and will help in reviving the economic activity in and through this sector. 

  • It will also help in protecting the livelihoods and jobs of millions of people who depend on them. Promoter(s) of MSMEs meeting the eligibility criteria may approach any scheduled commercial banks to avail benefit under the scheme. 

  • The scheme will be operationalised through Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for MSEs (CGTMSE). 

  • Necessary guidelines alongwith answers to possible FAQs have been issued and made public in this regard.

Further, Shri Nitin Gadkari thanked the Prime Minister and Finance Minister for this Scheme.  He also thanked the officials of Department of Expenditure, Department of Financial Services and Governor of RBI for supporting this innovative Scheme of the Ministry.


Members may kindly make a note of the above.


Thanking you,


Yours faithfully,