• CCI AD FROM 5th April 2021

Launch of new DGFT platform and Digital delivery of IEC related services

Circular No. ES/ 257/2020-21                                                                             11th July, 2020   

To : Members of the Council

Sub.: Launch of new DGFT platform and Digital delivery of IEC related services

Dear Member,

The Office of Addl.DGFT, Mumbai has issued Trade Notice No. 2 dated 7th July, 2020 informing about the Launch of new DGFT platform and Digital delivery of IEC related services

As part of Digital India programme and for Ease of Doing Business, DGFT has undertaken an initiative to revamp its services delivery mechanisms to promote and facilitate foreign trade. As a step in that direction, the first phase of a new digital platform of DGFT is scheduled to Go-Live on 13th July, 2020. The platform will become accessible through the existing website: https://www.dgft.gov.in

In the first phase, the website will be catering to the services related to the IEC issuance, modification, amendments etc. processes along with a Chatbot (a virtual assistant) catering to queries of users. Other online modules relating to Advance Authorisation, EPCG, and Exports Obligation Discharge which are part of next phase will be rolled out subsequently after the first phase stabilizes.

The following important points may be noted with regard to the new platform design:


  1. Access to the services would be through a username and password based system. The first time logins/user ID may be created through a registration process on the new platform.

  2. For user ID creation, registered mobile number/email ids of the IEC holders will be a mandatorily required. The same will be authenticated by the process of OTP/email based authentication process.

  3. Users would have to link their login IDs to their specific IECs. The process of linking would be available post login through Digital Signature/Aadhaar based e-Sign.

  4. Digital Signature (DSC)/Aadhaar based e-Sign will be required for applying and modifying IEC or adding or updating the IEC-linked users. Users may take necessary actions for procuring/updating their information etc. on the DSC/Aadhaar.

The user profile can be then used by the IEC holders to engage with DGFT and its services. This will enable the user to electronically file their application related to IEC, AA, EPCG, including amendments & redemption, monitoring the status of the application, raising queries, replying to the deficiencies etc. among other services related to the Foreign Trade policy.

The new platform is also designed for smooth migration of legacy (older) data of DGFT and its stakeholders. The existing data will be used for the online processing of the previous applications henceforth. The users will be able to monitor the status of their applications and the pending obligations thereof. These numerous features should significantly benefit the trade community. Users are requested to familiarize themselves about the new platform and its features.

It is further informed that for the purposes of go-live of first phase and the required systems configurations, the IEC applications and modification process would be suspended from 3:00 pm on 10th July, 2020 till 13th July, 2020.

Stakeholders are requested to plan in advance about the IEC services.

In case of any issues/queries you may contact DGFT Helpdesk at 1800-111-550 from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday to Saturday.

Members make a note of this important Trade Notice and please do the needful as instructed

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,